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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laundry and other chores!

For about 2 weeks now, my morning sickness has really kicked in. Mostly it is nausea and gag reflex, not so much vomiting.  I finally talked to my doctor yesterday and got some medicine to help with it, Oh my goodness!  I was so surprised by nurse when she said I could have something for sickness! Now my health insurance on the other hand will only allow me to have 12 pills every 23 days, so I have to use them sparingly. I am hoping that my morning sickness this time, does not last as long as it did with my son, Sam, the whole 9 months.  So Because of all of nausea and gagging, I have hard a really hard time doing laundry, dishes, just about anything around the house. I took the pill this morning when the morning sickness began and rested for a bit. And now I have gotten so much done I am amazed and grateful! No longer does my laundry have to sit in baskets in the kitchen for days until I can handle folding or get help.  

So later on I got to put the clothes away and decided to organize my husbands dresser drawers because it needed it.  I found clothes strewn on the dresser some ended up on the floor, so I picked them up and found some were clean and some were dirty. I shook my head and tossed the clothes in the hamper which filled up on  me so another load to do, lol!  I love my husband dearly but I just wish he could get the dirty clothes to the hamper, but in his defense he works in a uniform and comes home and changes and then uses them for another time because he worn them for what 10 minutes before he went to sleep? So they get forgotten, at least I found them and now the will have them again!  He's not the only one guilty of tossing his clothes places either, my darling 8 year old daughter is one who does that too!  Jolene is so much like me when I was a child it is so not funny!  So I guess from my own messy mistakes as a child I know what to look for, see MOM, being messy as a kid paid off as an adult!    My four year old, Sam, he is great at picking up his clothes, tosses right in the hamper.  Every person is different, and I try to encourage both kids to help pick up toys and other things around the house. Sam is one of the first ones to say I have to go clean that up, upon seeing me doing something.  Jolene hates cleaning just as much as I did as a kid. I need to find some more things to help her organize her toys and things so she find the her things when she wants them and to make clean up easier and faster. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day! And thanks for reading!!

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