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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hitch Hikers

On my way home from the grocery store yesterday, I encountered a hitch hiker walking on the highway.  I did not stop, but I always slow and check and see if I may know the person.  This time I didn't, and he was going farther than I was going. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on hitch hikers.   I have several factors to why I haven't picked up any hitch hikers.  One is that most of the time I have the kids in the car and for me, if I do not know you, I am not willing to subject my child to someone that may be a danger to me or my children.   Another reason is  I am not completely comfortable picking up someone I do not know, especially of the opposite sex. Now I am not being sexist or anything here, just thinking of my safety. I believe it would be a lot easier for a male to over power me than a female.  I also having another reason to be extra cautious now that I am pregnant, to keep my unborn child safe as well.  Now I have picked up a few hitch hikers in my day, but I knew them and they were no threat to me.  Now this man I encountered hitch hiking, seemed perfectly normal to me, but those factors were one of the reasons I just could not stop.  These days you just do not know if it safe to pick up someone off the side of the road. So what do you do?  Do you stop and pick up the hitch hikers? Or do you keep on going, hoping someone will pick them up? 

Another thought that has occurred to me, have you ever had to hitch hike? Would you feel safe getting into some strangers car, if you needed a ride?  I received a ride once when it was raining and cold, I was only about 5 minutes from my house, but it was a nice older lady so I did not see the harm in getting a ride. But in most cases I probably would have said I was fine and kept walking.   I am really curious to see what everyone thinks, so please leave a comment.  And thanks for reading!

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