"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" - anonymous

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laundry and other chores!

For about 2 weeks now, my morning sickness has really kicked in. Mostly it is nausea and gag reflex, not so much vomiting.  I finally talked to my doctor yesterday and got some medicine to help with it, Oh my goodness!  I was so surprised by nurse when she said I could have something for sickness! Now my health insurance on the other hand will only allow me to have 12 pills every 23 days, so I have to use them sparingly. I am hoping that my morning sickness this time, does not last as long as it did with my son, Sam, the whole 9 months.  So Because of all of nausea and gagging, I have hard a really hard time doing laundry, dishes, just about anything around the house. I took the pill this morning when the morning sickness began and rested for a bit. And now I have gotten so much done I am amazed and grateful! No longer does my laundry have to sit in baskets in the kitchen for days until I can handle folding or get help.  

So later on I got to put the clothes away and decided to organize my husbands dresser drawers because it needed it.  I found clothes strewn on the dresser some ended up on the floor, so I picked them up and found some were clean and some were dirty. I shook my head and tossed the clothes in the hamper which filled up on  me so another load to do, lol!  I love my husband dearly but I just wish he could get the dirty clothes to the hamper, but in his defense he works in a uniform and comes home and changes and then uses them for another time because he worn them for what 10 minutes before he went to sleep? So they get forgotten, at least I found them and now the will have them again!  He's not the only one guilty of tossing his clothes places either, my darling 8 year old daughter is one who does that too!  Jolene is so much like me when I was a child it is so not funny!  So I guess from my own messy mistakes as a child I know what to look for, see MOM, being messy as a kid paid off as an adult!    My four year old, Sam, he is great at picking up his clothes, tosses right in the hamper.  Every person is different, and I try to encourage both kids to help pick up toys and other things around the house. Sam is one of the first ones to say I have to go clean that up, upon seeing me doing something.  Jolene hates cleaning just as much as I did as a kid. I need to find some more things to help her organize her toys and things so she find the her things when she wants them and to make clean up easier and faster. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day! And thanks for reading!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hitch Hikers

On my way home from the grocery store yesterday, I encountered a hitch hiker walking on the highway.  I did not stop, but I always slow and check and see if I may know the person.  This time I didn't, and he was going farther than I was going. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on hitch hikers.   I have several factors to why I haven't picked up any hitch hikers.  One is that most of the time I have the kids in the car and for me, if I do not know you, I am not willing to subject my child to someone that may be a danger to me or my children.   Another reason is  I am not completely comfortable picking up someone I do not know, especially of the opposite sex. Now I am not being sexist or anything here, just thinking of my safety. I believe it would be a lot easier for a male to over power me than a female.  I also having another reason to be extra cautious now that I am pregnant, to keep my unborn child safe as well.  Now I have picked up a few hitch hikers in my day, but I knew them and they were no threat to me.  Now this man I encountered hitch hiking, seemed perfectly normal to me, but those factors were one of the reasons I just could not stop.  These days you just do not know if it safe to pick up someone off the side of the road. So what do you do?  Do you stop and pick up the hitch hikers? Or do you keep on going, hoping someone will pick them up? 

Another thought that has occurred to me, have you ever had to hitch hike? Would you feel safe getting into some strangers car, if you needed a ride?  I received a ride once when it was raining and cold, I was only about 5 minutes from my house, but it was a nice older lady so I did not see the harm in getting a ride. But in most cases I probably would have said I was fine and kept walking.   I am really curious to see what everyone thinks, so please leave a comment.  And thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I guess I dropped off the map for a while!

So it has been a long time since I posted!  I want to apologize to those people who follow me and forgive myself for not being as committed as I could have been with this. I let life's everyday ups and downs get in the way.

So to recap, I was working for an in-home daycare that was to be expanded into a bigger center but that has taken some time. So I had to go on leave for a bit while the renovations were being completed and hope to start back up again soon.  Also some more exciting news, My husband and I will be expecting our third child in April of 2013! I am very excited, never thought I would want to add to my busy family, but something in me said it was time and so here we are!  I have not taken much time to go further into expanding my interest or knowledge in spirituality but will strive to work harder on that.

Recently I have had some heart-ache with my biological father and I am not sure that is ever really going to change. He left my mother, brother and I when I was 12 months old and was never really there much while growing up. On a better note I have an amazing Step-father who adopted me when I was 3. But that never really took the hurt away of  my "dad" not being there.  I learned to accept him for who he was and tried my best not to take his lies or absence bother me.  We have had a better relationship as I have gotten older and he has gotten to know my two children a little bit. He has always shown more attention to my older brother and I learned to accept that as it was and always started to think it was more because I am a girl and he has less in common with me.  Jim (Bio-Dad), is a truck driver so he travels all over the place and has many relationships in his life. He recently had a relationship with a neighbor of my brothers, that ended nastily as of what Jim says.  A few days ago, Bobby (my brother) started receiving these text messages from Jim saying that he was going to end his life because of the end of his relationship with Amber (Bobby's Neighbor).  Not sure if he actually attempted or it was just all talk. Jim refused to answer the phone when I called and never answered my text messages either.  All of this was tearing me apart inside and out, I have cried more than I wanted to. Some of which may be hormone related!   Jim finally started texting me last night, he said that Amber was being mean and he just didn't care anymore. I simply told him that I loved him and needed him and asked him not to try to do anything like this again.  He sent me a picture text of an alien named Paul, who said 'F- it!'  Well that was it for me, I was bawling at this point. I asked him what the hell I did to him to deserve to be treated this way. He apologized in his own way, by saying he loved me and I didn't do anything wrong. He also explained more rationally how he had been feeling about his break-up with Amber.   I will continue to have a relationship with him but I will not let him hurt me the way he did this time, ever again. I will not pay any attention to his rantings about his ex or if he starts talking about hurting himself again. I do not want to be hurt again, it was a cry for attention, he wanted to hurt Amber and he didn't care that he was hurting myself or Bobby either.

On a happier note, My husband finally was promoted in his job! Ron just started his new schedule today, normally he would have the day off, but until his old position is filled he will have to cover for a while.  We are all excited for this new change and I know he is going to do so well!  My daughter, Jolene is in the 3rd grade and doing very well so far! I love how much she enjoys school and hope she never loses it! Sam just turned 4, had his tonsils out and started dance classes this year! Both kids are doing two classes, Jolene Ballet and Jazz, and Sam will be doing Ballet and Tap.  So far my pregnancy is going really well, I have not had much morning sickness at all. That did not start until my seventh week and is mostly nausea, very little vomiting has occurred!  To backtrack a bit I had fallen off the wagon so to speak with my diet and weight lost and gained a substantial amount of weight back, at least to me it is.  So I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, I am going to start more pregnancy safe exercise activities to help maintain and focus on portion control as well.

Well I think that pretty much everything that has happened for the past 7 months! I hope to continue to update, might make it a goal to do once a week and go from there! Love to all!