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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual Beginnings

So I have never been a very religious person, I do believe in God, but never really found a way I was able to explore this or how to be close with God.  Back in 2010, I bough the book Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  And I instantly fell in love with the book and the notion of yoga and meditation. Although I never really explored any further into it not really sure of the reasons. Well I started to read the book again after getting back from a friend how had borrowed it. And now I am even more interested in Yoga and Meditation. I need to get myself to a book store to get some books on both subjects. I have the Wii fit plus and I use that every day, at least now I am back at it again. And I am using the Yoga moves on it. I do pretty well with most of them, need more practice on others. So I am very excited about starting this spiritual journey and wonder What everyone else does or does not do when it comes to their spirituality or religious back ground? Well it is time I went off to practice my Yoga and other exercises. I will try to publish more later or even tomorrow. Thanks For reading ;o)

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  1. You ask a tough question on religious backgrounds. Thanks for your insight which has started me thinking on my true faith and how I live it out.

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to more posts.